Saturday, October 13, 2012

Physics Test

          Hai temen-temen, nih aku punya soal-soal latihan Physics. Tapi, hanya 10 soal aja & bahasa pengantarnya pake English, ehmm gak papa ya….! (dikit-dikit belajar bhs. Inggris) Hehehe :D
Physics Test
1.     A taxi is traveling with a speed of 80 km/hour. The fundamental quantity of the speed of the taxi is derived from … quantities.
a.    Volume and time                                                 c. Distance and time
b.    Time and velocity                                              d. Distance and velocity
2.    Some students are going to a beach. It’s going to take them 1.5 hours to get there. The time stated in the International System (SI) unit is … seconds.
a.    5,400                                                                    c. 900
b.    1,800                                                                     d. 180
3.    A car has a velocity of 36 km/hour. The value and the SI unit of the velocity is …
a.    10 m/s                                                                  c. 20 m/s
b.    15 m/s                                                                  d. 36 m/s
4.    The body temperature of healthy people is 37oC. the temperature in Kelvin thermometer scale is …
a.    137 K                                                                    c. 236 K
b.    212 K                                                                    d. 310 K
5.    The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August 1945. In Nagasaki 39,000 people died instantly and almost twice as many died from bomb-related complications, such as cancer. The Nagasaki bomb contained 8 kg of the isotope plutonium-29. The chemical properties of the isotope plutonium-239 are …
a.    Reactive and elastic
b.    Explosive and reactive
c.    Conductive and reactive
d.    Flexible and flammable
6.    Study the substances below.
1.     Air and salt
2.    Sugar and salt
3.    Water and hydrogen
4.    Oxygen and carbon dioxide
Which substances are compounds?
a.    1                                                                            c. 3
b.    2                                                                            d. 4
7.    Water consist of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The atoms are chemically combined. This is a property of ……
a.    An alloy
b.    A mixture
c.    An element
d.    A compound
8.    A mixture of iron and sand can be separated by moving a magnet through the mixture. The magnet picks up the iron from the mixture. The sand remains behind. The method that is used to separate the iron from the sand is …
a.    Magnetic attraction
b.    Evaporation
c.    Distillation
d.    Filtration
9.    You want to get pure water out of a cup of tea. What method can you use?
a.    Filtration
b.    Distillation
c.    Evaporation
d.    Condensation
Derived from
square meter
Length and time
Meter per second
Mass and length
Kilogram per cubic meter
         Based on the table above, the derived quantities No. 2 and No. 3 are …
a.    Velocity and weight
b.    Weight and density
c.    Density and volume
d.    Velocity and density


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